A Loving, Learning, Living Fellowship United to Proclaim The Gospel, Perfect the Saints, and Promote Unity in the Body of Christ.
Mission Statement: A committed loving fellowship of believers seeking to reconcile persons to Christ, equip them for ministry and influence our society with the love of Christ.
Pastoral Vision
Theme for 2024: “Back to the Basics”

As we embark on the journey of 2024, the pastoral vision is to lead our church family back to the
foundational principles of Christianity. Inspired by the timeless truths of God’s Word, we commit
to cultivating a community rooted in faith, love, and simplicity.
Areas of Focus:
1. Rekindling Spiritual Passion: We aim to ignite a genuine passion for God, urging each
member to seek a fervent connection through prayer, worship, and personal devotion.
2. Biblical Literacy: In pursuing spiritual growth, we emphasize a return to the study and
application of God’s word. Through regular Bible studies and teachings, we seek to equip
our congregation with a solid understanding of the foundational doctrines of our faith.
3. Authentic Community: Fostering genuine relationships within our church is paramount.
We strive to create a loving and supportive environment where individuals can share their
faith journeys, struggles, and triumphs, mirroring the early Christian community
described in Acts 2:42-47.
4. Servant Leadership: We commit to exemplifying Christ-like servant leadership,
following the humble example set by Jesus. We aim to build a church that actively serves
its community by encouraging every member to discover and utilize their God-given
5. Intentional Outreach: In line with the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), we focus
on intentional outreach to share the message of Christ’s love. By simplifying our
approach and emphasizing the core tenets of Christianity, we hope to make the gospel
accessible to all.
6. Practical Discipleship: Our vision includes a renewed emphasis on mentoring and
discipleship. We seek to empower believers to live out their faith in practical ways,
impacting their families, workplaces, and communities.
7. Holistic Worship: We aim to create a worship culture that goes beyond Sunday services,
embracing a lifestyle of worship. We desire to bring glory to God in every aspect of our
lives through simplicity and sincerity.
8. Stewardship: As stewards of God’s creation, we commit to stewardship responsibility.
We encourage sustainable practices that reflect our gratitude for God’s provision.
With a collective focus on these foundational principles, we believe that our church will
experience a transformative return to the basics of Christianity, fostering spiritual growth, unity,
and a profound impact on our community and beyond.